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Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Panels for Solar Water Heating & Swimming Pool Heating

What are Solar Thermal Panels?

Solar Thermal Panels are special solar panels which use the sunlight to heat up glycol. (a temperature resistant liquid) The glycol is then circulated from the panel through a heat exchanger (coil) housed within a specialised water tank or another type of device used for transferring the heat from the glycol, thus heating water in the process. Common uses for such systems are heating water for home use, heating the water within a swimming pool and heating water used in an underfloor heating system. Some of the specialised water tanks have additional heat exchange coils which can be used to heat the water from alternative heat sources. 

KSA Sea Sand Resistant Solar Water Heating Panel

These panels are extremely efficient as using a vacuum is the best form of insulation. These types of solar thermal panels can also be re-evacuated by using a vacuum pump, this is typically done every 5 years. The panels have a life expectancy of 35 years and require little maintenance.
Solar Water Heating
Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Solar Swimming Pool Heating

The KSA Sea Sand Resistant Solar Thermal Panel for Swimming Pool Heating Systems. In a system used for heating the water within a swimming pool the KSA Sean Sand Resistant Panels are used in series to produce a constant supply of very hot glycol. The glycol is then pumped through a specialised heat exchanger. The water from the swimming pool is also pumped through this heat exchanger. The heat from the glycol is transferred into the water. And this heats up the water within the swimming pool. The opposite diagram illustrates the  system setup.

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating

The Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating System does not require any form of electrical supply. There are no pumps involved in these types of system. The glycol solution is naturally circulated by gravity. This make these types of solar water heating solutions very energy efficient. These can therefore be installed on campsites and other remote locations with limited electricity supplies available.
Solar Thermosiphon systems can also be connected in series to ensure a constant supply of hot water.
Themosiphon Solar Water Heating

Key Facts:

Solar water heating is the most cost effective renewable energy.
The average house hold spend 30 – 40% of its energy bill on heating water.
Solar water heating will generate up to 70% of your hot water FREE in the UK.
Excellent for running underfloor central heating systems as they run at a much lower 40⁰C .
Each 2m² panel is good for heating 100 L of water.
The average person uses 35 – 50 L of hot water per day .
Most people shower at 38⁰C.
Woman use twice as much water as men. 😊 (Fact)
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