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Battery Connection for 6 X 200Ah Batteries with 10 X 200W Solar Panels

Christopher Asks:

I have 10 pcs of 200w mono panels of 24v each and 6 PCs of 200ah 12v battery and a 24v inverter. What is the best way to connect this system? 1. Connect 2 12v batteries in series as pair then connect the 3 pairs of 24v in parallel or
2. Connect 2batteries of 12v in series to form 24v and then connect the other 4 12v batteries in parallel to get more ah then link it together with the 24v series connection. Please advice

Solar Panel Advice by Solar Ron

Solar Ron Says:

Hi Christopher, The best way to connect your batteries would be to take the 6 of your 200Ah Batteries, set them in three set of two connected series so you have three 24 volt sets. Then connect the three sets in parallel. (Series connections are positive to negative, and parallel connections are positive to positive and negative to negative) Be sure to also connect your inverter and charge controller to the battery bank properly, this means Inverter / Charger Controller connected to the positive of the first set of two batteries and the negative of the inverter / charge controller to the negative terminal of the last set of two batteries. This will ensure the batteries both charge and discharge equally. (So Option 1 from your question)

It would also be worth me noting that you should always use batteries of the same make and model and of the same age as ideally you want the internal resistance of the batteries to be equal. This is also to ensure equal charge and discharge of the battery bank as a whole.

I hope this response has helped you out. Please add any more questions etc in the comments section below.

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