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Solar Energy has been a key source of renewable energy for many years now. Are you keen to install solar panels to reduce your electricity bills? Perhaps you live in an area which has no electricity connection, or perhaps you just want do do your bit to combat climate change. Allow "Solar Ron" help you through the planning and design process.
Solar Ron can also give you solar panel advice and solar battery advice as well as a whole lot of other solar energy advice. We look forward to helping you with your project.

Consultancy Service

Discover the benefits of solar energy.

Consultancy Service

One of our core services is our simplified consultancy service. This service offers three levels of consultancy, Initial, In Depth & Full Design. Each level of consultancy is designed around the core needs of our customers based on whether you are just making an initial enquiry or really need to know the whole ins and outs of installing a solar energy system. Solar Ron is a renewable energy consultant of the highest order and is waiting to help you out with your project.

Free Q&A Service

Ask a solar energy expert for advice.

Free Questions & Answers Service

Solar Ron is a renewable energy consultant dedicated to showing people how to do solar projects properly, From the initial concept right through to the installation and commissioning. We have lots of sections on various solar energy topics, types of systems, solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries and much more. Just Ask Solar Ron a question and he will be sure to answer. This is a Simple & Free Service.
Questions Answers

Tutorials, Guides & Solutions

Learn about solar energy through reading our tutorials, guides and solutions articles.


Our solar tutorials are created to layout the exact steps needed to specify & calculate the correct equipment for a particular solar energy related task. Such as selecting PV Array size, cable size, inverter & other equipment sizes.


Equipment guides are designed to take the "technical" out of technical datasheets. Explaining in simple terms what a piece of equipment is used for & how to select it's attributes to meet the needs of your exact application. 


Every time we design a system we like to showcase it here in the solar solutions section. Each solution explains the clients needs and our solution. Many of these solutions have been made into kits available in our online shop. 


Solar monitoring is an add on service we offer. Its good practice to monitor any solar solution as to ensure it is operating to its potential. We offer this service for a small monthly fee. With monthly reports emailed to our clients.
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